Baby Snug


Caring around a baby is a lot of work. Luckily there is the Baby Snug to help. This will allow the baby to stay close to the parent while freeing up their hands. Parents that have used this carrier have been satisfied with the results.

The Baby Snug is designed to hold up to babies and toddlers that reach 30 pounds. It is also designed to hold a baby that was born prematurely. This carrier has a versatile design and is made of cotton for the comfort of the parent and the baby. The baby will also be safe and secure while being carried around. The Snug will provide support for the baby and has light fabric that will allow the skin to breathe.

This design will allow the baby to be right up next to the parent. They will get the comfort that they need. The parent will still be able to move around without having to hold the baby freeing up the hands. This product was designed to be used by both moms and dads. This product grows with the baby. Once the baby is able to move around the Baby Snug allows them to sit up.

When a mother is nursing she may not want to go out in public. That can change with this product. The Baby Snug will allow for discrete nursing . The baby can eat in privacy whenever they want. This snug can be washed in the washer machine and will not shrink.

The Baby Snug allows a parent to be close to their baby and still be able to get around. They can carry the baby without the baby getting too heavy for their arms.

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